Each day provides another opportunity to feel better, look better, be better... naturally! 

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Ask yourself:  

"can Aromatherapy help me?"

The use of aromatherapy is helping many individuals as they become more aware of its effective, positive benefits to health and wellness! Whether its one specific concern, or a number of the body's systems involved, we offer plant based solutions that come from our knowledgeable use of essential oils and hydrosols (gentle distilled waters from essential oils), effective botanical blends and competent consultation.


Yes, People & Plant Life Share Roots of Wellness!

From the earliest of times, people have benefitted from the amazing range of plant life! At the cellular and molecular level, plants and people share similar chemical roots and bonds. That is what makes it possible for essential oils to protect, relax, restore, re-energize and rebalance mind, body and spirit. They calm emotional and physical discomfort, reduce inflammation, diminish stress, promote rest and sleep among many other means to assist the body. They can ease pain, relieve stiffness, and address problems that accompany serious illness in a very supportive manner.

 We offer aromatherapy from a well-trained, certified and clinical holistic perspective. No worrisome additives, no parabens, artificial colorants, synthetic preservatives; there is nothing synthetic about any of the quality, unrefined, nutritive ingredients used in our hand blended and poured organic and wildcrafted products! We choose and work with the best rated organic growers and distillers we can find! We feel privileged to provide the care you need to support being better-- whatever better should be, related to your wellness! 

So, isn't now the time to consider how aromatherapy can bring its holistic benefits right home to you or a loved family member?

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Right now, we invite you to shop for a variety of tried and tested bath, beauty, balancing and restorative blends from our online store. These products, blended in small batches to ensure freshness, appeal to everyday care for the body, mind and spirit!


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